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Team OA vs RA? 


If you suffer from arthritis, do you know which type you have and how these two types vary?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or Osteoarthritis Arthritis (OA)

Let’s gets some basics out of the way.  I’m sure you are well aware that arthritis affects the joints.  If you know someone who has arthritis you may have heard:

  • “Bones grinding onto each other”
  • “I can tell by my joints, it’s going to rain”
  • “Old Arth got me”

Here are some common facts:

  1. RA is caused from an autoimmune disorder & OA is a result of wear and tear to the joints over time.
  2. RA is systematic, meaning it affects your whole body, where as OA is localized to a particular or certain joint; oftentimes, found in weight bearing bones such as your spine, hips, and knees.

Both can lead to a debilitating life style 

    What are your Treatment Options? 🤔

    1. Correct Diagnosis is key; don’t guess at this, knowledge is power.
    2. Stretching is a good way to battle the stiffness. Don’t stretch cold joints.  A lite warm up is best before stretching such as walking.
    3. My Favorite: Yes 👍Therapy!  Occupational Therapy is great for address Upper Limb and Spinal Arthritis.  If old Arth is calling below, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy will do the trick.
    4. Antiflammatory Pill (check with your PCP)

    Let’s be clear🤓

    Each type brings its own bags of symptoms such as edema, joint deformities, inflammation and pain. Therapy is a great option as preventative care to decrease chances of debility.  

    Your 🍎 for the day:  Find an occupational or physical therapist nearest you.  Help is available.

    -ZCarr OTR/L, MOT, CST           

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    What You Don’t Know Can Kill You


    Women Health
    Two months ago, my mother died from ovarian cancer.  We as a family were clueless.  My mother was healthy to the natural eye.  She loss some weight, but she was a diabetic and my sisters ensured she maintained a healthy lifestyle.  Her cancer did not show up normal lab testing.  She did not complain of pain.


    My sisters and I taught our mom diabetic wellness and ensured she followed her daily routine. From a medical stand point, she was doing what she was supposed to do.

    What is Ovarian Cancer?
    From its name, we know that it’s a cancer that is developed in the female reproductive organ.  But what you probably didn’t know, it’s causes the most deaths in the female reproductive system, according to the American Cancer Society. Ladies this is huge.  It was surprising to discover the risk factors associated with ovarian cancer such as being over weight, using a forms of birth control, and having a family link of cancer.


    We as women no longer have the luxury of hiding and pretending this disease has no direct effect towards us.  We need to get our heads out of the clouds and increase our knowledgeable, not only for us, but for our daughters.
    When was the last time you were tested.  Testing is easy and it doesn’t add anything to your annual physical exam.  Just say those words.  I want to be tested.  I can speak from the loss and having to state those words to my doctor.  Arm yourself with the knowledge that can save your life.
    Zmelda Carr OTR/L, MOT, CST
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