Frozen Shoulder‼️


What is frozen shoulder? Stiffness & tighteness of the shoulder joint.

 How does Frozen shoulder occur?  Often, when someone injures their shoulder, they limit movements to avoid pain.  In the act of protecting and preventing pain, the joint begins to tighten thus causing frozen shoulder.

Syptoms of frozen shoulder

What are some ways to prevent/address frozen shoulder?

  • With any injury, you need to be evaluated to assess level of damage. 
  • Pain is a sure indication that something is wrong. Pay attention so you can properly describe the pain in detail to your therapist.
  • Seek therapy immediately.  Treatment early on is key.

What are some exercises you can do at home for frozen shoulder?

 I am providing a chart of exercises that address frozen shoulder; however, let me add that frozen shoulder is not a simple condition to recover from.  If you do not perform these excercises properly, you can cause further damage to your joint.  My advice:  seek out a therapist❗️

Home Exercise Plan

🍎 Seek help to optimize your quality of life; live healthy my friends😊

– ZCarr, OTR/L, MOT, CST  | 817.473.1312 | 

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