Think Before You Leap; Fight R Flight


It is said that half the marriage will end in divorce.  What a staggering statistic?

What is marriage?   Some may say that marriage is a spiritual commitment.  Others may say, it was the next step in a relationship. There are some who may say, I couldn’t image my life with this individual.  

All choices are personal, but still leave the question as to, why divorce rates continue to rise?  How many of you ever thought about the possibility of divorce?  If you are married, I am sure the thought has surfaced.  What made you stay the course?

What makes some throw in the towel on their marriages?  Why do some chose to fight or flee their marital commitments?

Common Reason To Take Flight:

• Unfaithfulness

• Abuse

• Lack ofAppreciation

• Unrealistic Expectation

Let’s be clear about this list and reasons that may not be on the list.  There is an old saying, “There is always thunder before the storm”. Meaning, warning signs will reveal a person’s true nature.  If you sit and think, what were or are some warning signs did you miss?   

Unfaithfulness– trouble committing during the dating stage and untruthfulness.

 Abuse-hitting walls, disrespecting parents/ authority, difficult controlling temper.

Lack of Appreciation– Difficultly with making time for things that are important, constantly focusing on the negative than positive, or never expressing appreciation for kind gestures.

Unrealistic Expectation– thinking that marriage will change a person’s behavior,  thinking kids will make the person want the commitment to you more, thinking you can save them from their situation, or thinking you will be the one to change them.

I have a lot of senior clients and I always ask that question, “What’s the secret to a long and happy marriage?”  Here are some of their responses:

  1. Communication- never go to bed angry, you have to discuss things; the good and bad
  2. You will never change who the person is. The person you married, is the person you will spend your life with. 
  3. You both will give more than you feel you will ever receive in return.
  4. Understand what you refuse to do someone else will, keep each other happy.
  5. Put God First!
  6. Pray Together!
  7. What you put into your marriage is what you will get out of it.

My 🍎 A Day Keeps The Attorneys Away❗️ You have to think before you leap into marriage & divorce and fight for what you want.  No not a brawl, but ride the waves of the hard times. Being with any person will not be easy, but worth it. Ride The Wave.



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