Cell Phone Detox‼️


Can you imagine what life would be without your cellphone?


 In today’s society we are ruled by our cell phones. We no longer can sit at the dinner table and enjoy hearing about each other’s day because we are always preoccupied. We have 24 hours of continuous sensory stimulation.

This is not a single behavior, our kids are worse off than we are. They have minimal appropriate social skills and now are speaking text talk.  This may sound innocent enough, but this is our future generation.  We cannot allow electronics do our jobs as parents.

How Cell Phones Are Running Our Lives:

  • We can no longer enjoy the movies because we are bombarded with mini lights distracting our view of the screen.
  • We are in business meetings with chirps and chimes😏.
  • We check social media constantly in an eight hour work day, getting behind on assignments.
  • When driving, we have the misguided belief that we can multitask.  Respond with a quick one word, only risking our life and the lives of others.
  • If giving a child a pad/tablet is the only way you can enforce consequences for bad behavior😔
  • It’s easier to text your kids than speak with them

Just imagine if there were NO cellphones.  Life could be a lot simpler. I could imagine the panic. Your breathing may have changed over the thought. Take a breath😌.  The world wouldn’t end.   What could you gain, if you put down your cell phone for only two weeks? You probably wouldn’t last two minutes 😉.

I challenge you for two weeks, “Put It Down”!  I repeat, the world will not end 🙂.

This is what you have to gain:

  • Getting to know your family, their laughter, fears, and struggles.  
  • Meal time where everyone is present and engaged.
  • Saving your life and the lives of other (stop texting and driving)
  • Possible Raise$$: spending the time at work, actually working instead of surfing the web and keeping up with those non-working friends.
  • Build stronger relationships with friends, spouse, and family.  Instead of being disrespectful by talking or texting on your phone continuously, while in their presence.

Be Present for Life!  This is a statement my brother says constantly.  I have started taking the steps to be present.  There is no rewind on the clock called LIFE.  You can not retrieve missed moments.  However, you can create new memories.

I challenge you to unplug you and your family for 2 week.  The first week, you will not be committed and tell yourself this is crazy.  Week two you will appreciate being awaken and enjoy reclaiming freedom from the cellphone.  Unplug & Refocus!

Post your journey or post your experience.  I dare you😉! We want to hear from you.  Let’s Talk!


#destin4life #destinationlife


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