Crazed With Pain Meds!


Another celebrity killed by overdosing.😏

We have seen countless times how over dosing on pain medication (drugs) has taken the lives of many celebrities.  Why is this becoming a growing trend?  Has “pill popping” become our new normal?  Why are many close friends and family members in the dark?  When are we going to learn that Pain Pills in any form will not fix the root problem to pain.  

crazed with meds

Pain Pills will not: 

  • cure emotional destress
  • wipe away tragic events from memories
  • cure disease or illness.  

So why are over dosing deaths on the rise?  

  • “numb the pain” 
  • “be able to function day to day.”  

Pain pills are a temporary solution to allow time for addressing the true root of a problem.  A single narcotic pill or multiple in quantiles, should be monitored by your physician.

Ok, so how does this relate to me?

Physical Pain

  • Shoulder Injuries 
  • Back injuries

Pain is a warning/alert to tell us there is a problem. We over use and mistreat our bodies on a daily bases.  We pick up heavy objects and don’t request assistance.  We figure, the amount time it takes to wait on help, we could have completed the task solo.  

Physical Pain

Emotional Pain:

  •  Loss of a loved one 
  • PTSD

Throughout my practice, this is the most common group to abuse meds.  One night of drinking or over consumption medications can quickly push you to the physical pain group.  
One mis-step off the curb can lead to shoulder fractures, missing teeth, or death if faced with on coming traffic. 

Vehicle accidents or failed suicide attempt can lead to a life time of pain.  The post effects of these injuries are unpredictable.  The rehab and emotional recovery will be a journey within itself. 


We are a quick fix it society. We want a right now fix, to all our problems. Regardless, of physical or emotional injury, any journey to recovery involve work.

  • Safety First!
  • Stand in your truth about your condition 
  • Seek appropriate – professional help (PCP, Rehab Therapist, Psy Counselor, etc.)
  • Take the journey to true healing, regardless of if its a shoulder injury or PTSD
  • Speak with your family and friends 
  • If what your doing isn’t working, seek another professional, your quality life depends on it.

Reclaiming your health will not be an easy journey, but make the daily strides to reach your destination. 

Destination thru the Journey

Destination Life Therapy & Wellness

-ZCarr OTR/L, MOT, CST #destin4life #health 


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