My Handbag Is Literally Killing Me


Ladies one thing is for certain,  we are stylish individuals.  Our handbags, is that one accessory that reflects our personality.  We load it up with our necessities and commonly used items. We use it as a gym bag, luggage, and first aide kit.
The weight and the pressure of carrying around this heavy object, can damage your shoulder & back permanently.


Depending on how you carry your heavy bags, will determine the damage to your body as a result. 

Have you had pain in you shoulder, arm, & back?

One quick and easy sign to know if your carrying around heavy baggage is, ask someone other than you to pick it up.  They will let you know instantly.


Easy Ways to Save Your Back
▪  Dump the junk.  Decrease the clutter and only carry around necessities
▪  Choose wide straps over skinny, this helps with pressure distribution.
▪  Decrease the size of you handbag
▪  Wear your purse on larger joint. Shoulder vs Elbow.
▪  Frequently switch carrying arm

Experiencing Pain Already?
Contact a therapist specialist near you

Zemelda Carr OTR/L, MOT, CST




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