Shoulder Injures Mistakes


As an Occupational Therapist, I love working on shoulder injuries.  It is my clinical opinion, that the shoulder joints is the most complex joints in the body.  It’s commonly injured and if not healed properly, can change your quality of life. In some cases, forever. Although there are many types of injures, optimal healing is always the end resolve.


The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body

Myths About Shoulder Injuries
These are only a few of the many, I’ve heard over the years.
“My shoulder will heal itself naturally with time.”
▪  “I performed self therapy from pictures I downloaded online. I thought that would be sufficient enough.”
▪  “The pain will eventually resolve itself”
▪  “All I need to do is apply ice and rest it, I thought it would be ok”.

My response will always be…
NO, no, No, and NO 😉


Doing the wrong things can do more harm than good. Seek out a shoulder OT/PT

Let me be totally honest with you.  If you’ve experienced a small injury and you performed self therapy, which worked,  I am happy for you and you may possibly seek out a therapist in the future to address underlying symptoms you didn’t know to address.

I stated earlier, the shoulder is the most complex joint of the body.  You need to seek out a licensed occupational or physical therapist who treat shoulder injuries.  Pictures you’ve found online does not:
▪ Know optimal timelines for optimal healing to achieve results.
▪ Adjust your treatments at the drop of a dime to achieve a higher functional performance.
▪ Address concerns and questions that relate to your particular injury.
▪ Pain is a sign that something is wrong.  Ice packs are a temporary fix.  It will numb the pain. However, it will not fix the problem.


Slings allow the joint to Rest and heal

Shoulder Injuries should be taken seriously, poor treatments will alter your quality of life.  Many surgeons will place you in a sling prior &/or post surgery to allow the joint to rest.  Resting the shoulder properly allows healing to occur. 
Once you’re instructed by your surgeon to participate in therapy,  you need to start immediately.  If you wait or put it off, you can set up frozen shoulder.  This becomes an entirely different ball game.

Here a 5 common shoulder injuries:
▪  Frozen Shoulder
▪  Dislocation
▪  Fractures
▪  Tears
▪  Instability


Reclaim doing what you love

Seek out a licensed occupational or physical therapist for rehabilitation, this is what we do.  Don’t take chances with your quality of life.

Zemelda Carr OTR/L, MOT, CST
Destination Life Therapy



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