I receive phone call after phone call from families in search of assistance.  It is always the one posing situation.  “We have a caregiver, but?”
I will share this with those of you who have wondered onto our blog. Accountability matters, simply put. There are questions you should ask prior to welcoming someone into your home to take care of your loved one:
1)  Who is this person?
Do they have a current background check?
Are there red flags in their past experiences?
2)  Do you have the time to do the drive-bys to ensure that your getting the service your paying for?
3)  How are your loved ones being monitored and is this individual licensed to do the job that’s required.
When you deal with an agency that’s licensed, you should expect a higher level of care.  I am sorry, but yes that comes with a price.  You cannot drive to McDonald and expect a prime steak, so why expect 5 star service on a penny budget. I will be honest with you because that is  how I’m  built.  You get what you pay for. It’s that simple. 
You need to develop a relationship with your selected agency.  The one question that you should always ask, are you getting what you pay for?  If you like McDonald there is nothing wrong with that.  However,  if you paid for lobster and get served bowel of tuna, then Houston we have a problem. 
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