Give Thanks


As we prepare to gather around the table, let us pause and be truly thankful.  We once again, are blessed with an opportunity to be with our family and dearest friends. 


Take a moment to remember those chairs that will not be filled this year. Hold fast to their memories.  We can relish in their love which surround us.  We should hold dear to those memories as we prepare to create new ones.  For this is what makes us “FAMILY”. 
Take the time to be present and show up for one another.  Turn off your cell phone and be in the moment.  For this moment, will shall never have again.  We are all blessed beyond measure.
Visit your neighbors and invite them to share a seat at your table.  Take a chance to open your heart and your home. Create new memories and establish new bonds.  Thanksgiving is not about what you have, but what’s to come.
Our office will be closed 25th – 26th. We will monitor voicemails and emails. As always, we would like to thank our communities for entrusting us to care for you &/or your loved one.  Thanks for being apart of our family.

Team Destination Life
#destin4life #destinationlife



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