What is your truth?
Pain cannot be hidden nor denied.  You can attempt to mask it, but it will DEMAND to be heard. Pain can surface as fear, anxiety,  depression, rudeness, and over confident.  If its not addressed, it can spawn into a nightmare of a disease or abuse such as:

▪  Alcohol Abuse
▪  Cutting
▪  Anorexia
▪  Sexual Abuse
▪  Drug Abuse
▪  Bullying
▪  Suicide

When you have the opportunity to conversate with someone, really listen to what’s being shared. Listen not only with your ears, but with your heart and eyes.  You are your neighbor’s keepers. Pain is not limited to an age group. Pain needs to be addressed and healed.  Let’s heal our community from our youth up.  Care enough to share this post with someone you love.
#destin4life #destinationlife



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