Caregivers; Getting What You Pay For


I am oftened call to meet with families who have found random strangers to act as a caregiver for their loved ones.  Something has made them raise an eyebrow and they are unsure if this decision was a good idea.  Often, I have found that many families avoid being confrontational with their caregiver and avoid making waves with questions. 
I am always faced with that one common question. “What do we do?”  There are many factors that come into play.  I won’t lie to you,  the number reason is usually cost.  Many times random caregivers are usually out to make a quick buck, so they will work for minimal to nothing. I will say this, you get what you pay for. (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)

Why do families avoid using a licensed agency?  What steps does the agency take to ensure their clients safety? What are you truly paying for?  Why do caregivers need unannounced visits?

Destination Life offers our clients and their families:
●  Peace of mind
●  Trained caregivers
●  Assurance that our caregivers are background and drug checked
●  Unannounced Supervised Visits
●  Follow up calls with family to ensure they’re statisified
●  Work with our client’s doctor offices for coordinate care.
●  Transitional planning (when being at home is no longer a good idea).
●  Payment Plans
The choice begins with making an informed decision.
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