Ergonomic Office Space


Did you know that your work space can be the main contributor to:

~  Poor Vision
~  Decrease in posture alignment “Hump Back”
~  Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
~  Poor Circulation

Many of you spend more time in the seated position for hours at a time.  An ideal work space puts your body in alignment.  The height of your desk in reference to your key board if not positioned correctly, can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  If your computer monitor is to high or to low can put extra stress on the neck.  If the arm rail on your chair or desk is not adjusted to the right height, can cause shoulder pain.  A misfitted desk chair can lead to back pain.  A chair is not just a chair when your rear end is glued in it for hours on in.  The chair needs to provide support for the curvature of the spine.
I have provided you with a cheat sheet below.  This chart is not a quick fixit for all.  Some of you will need an ergonomic assessment of your work space.  However,  if you work from a desk, you need to mix it up.  Set your timer and get up and walk if off to increase lower extremity circulation.


Change your work space so it supports your spinal alignment without causing strain and pain.  If you use a laptop, try working outside or in the lobby.  My point being, your body needs a break from the same day to day positioning.  Be good to your body so that your body can good to you.



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